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Alfresco 1.3 (fresh from svn) + NTLM authentication

Question asked by on May 30, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2006 by sdunstan

I'm trying to setup alfresco so that authentication is done through NTLM.
My alfresco-tomcat-server is running on a linux box outside the windows domain and my configuration follows the one described in the wiki (… in web.xml and in alfresco/extension/ntlm-authentication-context.xml.

When i strictly follows the tutorial, i get a "spring circular reference" thrown at startup.
When i remove the ioc for "personService" and "nodeService" attributes, the application starts, but NullPointers occurs at runtime.

does the personService and nodeService beans need to be changed in order to work with alfresco 1.3 and NTLM ?

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