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Extending faces-config-beans.xml with alfresco 1.3

Question asked by ajshaw on Jun 6, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2006 by ajshaw
Hello. Another question for anyone who can help.

Using 1.3, what is the correct method of overriding managed beans configuration? browsing the forums and wiki, i found two different sets of instructions.

1) Put the new configuration inside a META-INF folder and jar it all up, placing it in WEB-INF/lib of the alfresco app. This works fine for navigation rules, but my bean config is only picked up if i remove the bean definition from faces-config-beans.xml (i guess this is because of the first found wins scenario, for beans config, described in the packaging/distribution instructions in the wiki).

2) the second method, described in the packaging and distribution instructions on the wiki, says to put the beans config in a faces-config-custom.xml in WEB-INF, replacing the faces-config-custom.xml placeholder file. This placeholder file doesn't exist in the 1.3 distribution i downloaded, and if i create my own, the definitions are still not picked up, even if i remove the definitions from faces-config-beans.xml, as before. (No bean is found in the latter case and errors are thrown, as expected.)

Can anyone tell me if method 2 is indeed the correct one to use?
ANy ideas what i may be doing wrong?