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Problem CIFS: Duplicate machine in network

Question asked by manuel on Jun 7, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2006 by rivetlogic
I have configured cifs of Alfresco. 

When I enter the view CIFS, it shows this error:

A name duplicated in the network exists.

   <config evaluator="string-compare" condition="CIFS Server">
      <host name="Alfresco"/>
      <comment>Alfresco CIFS Server</comment>

      <!– Set to the broadcast mask for the subnet –>

      <!– Use Java socket based NetBIOS over TCP/IP and native SMB on linux –>
      <tcpipSMB platforms="linux,solaris,macosx"/>
      <netBIOSSMB platforms="linux,solaris,macosx"/>
      <hostAnnounce interval="5"/>

      <!– Use Win32 NetBIOS interface on Windows –>
      <Win32Announce interval="5"/>