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[Solved] Problem : Create a new role

Question asked by emmanuel on Jun 8, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2006 by alpha
Hi everybody,

I'm working on the alfresco project for my company, and it seems to be very powerful. But, however , I got some trouble … Let me explain:

I want to have a workflow (not very difficult, for this step  :wink: )
So I have 3 folders:
  => "Drafts
  => "Pending approval"
  => "Published"

So, I have 3 groups:
  => "Writers"
  => "Approvers"
  => "Administrators"

Indeed, I want the writers to request an approval for a document, but not TO BE ABLE OF VIEWING THE FOLDER "Pending approval".

That's my problem, it seems that there is no solution except creating a new role. So, I decided to create a role, in order to write in a folder where the user cannot read.

In the permissionsDefinition.xml, i had the following:

<!– Rajout d'une permission permettant l'ajout de documents dans un dossier sur lequel, l'utilisateur n'a pas de droit de lecture –>
      <permissionGroup name="Redacteur" allowFullControl="false" expose="true">
    <!– <includePermissionGroup permissionGroup="Read" type="sys:base" /> –>
     <includePermissionGroup permissionGroup="AddChildren" type="sys:base" />
     <includePermissionGroup permissionGroup="Write" type="sys:base" />
     <includePermissionGroup permissionGroup="CheckOut" type="cm:lockable" />

But, it still doesn't work! I don't wee where I could have done a mistake!

If someone has a solution, I hope for a lot of help  :cry:

P.S: I have already tried to create a "temp" folder, where i created a copy rule, but it doesn't work too…