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need info on search and content definition

Question asked by strinchero on Jun 9, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2006 by andy
Hi all,
i'm evaluating alfresco to replace an existing dms, and i need some clarification,:

Search: is it possible to have a non-autenticated user find all the published document (of some type for example), but to be forced to log in to see the actual document ?
In other words, the guest user may serch item (and see only some info, like title, date ecc) and see if there some interesting (to him) docs. But for accessing the whole content, he must be logged in (non-guest, of course).

Content type: i need to have a doc that has it's property readeble, but the content itself may not be readable. As an example, i may have an article, whos short descriptio, abstract and all the info on it are readeble by all, but the pdf of the article need a specific permission to be read (downloaded).

Then, i need to have a document with attachment (an article with 2 images, as an example). Is that doable on a single document, or i'have to define a folder-type (the article) who contains both images ? In that situation, is hard to write the interface to manipulate folder and contents (so a user only see an 'article' and the implementation details remains hidden) or it's not much different ?

tnks in advance,