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Question asked by legba on Jun 9, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2006 by legba
Hi all,
I need to store in the repository a "structured content". By "structured content" I mean a document that has different components. Let me clarify this with an example: let's say that the document represents and article, this means it has, for example, a title, an abstract, a body, an image and a list of links to some related articles.

Please note that the compoments are different from properties and aspects. In my example the properties could be: author, category, date, etc., while the aspects could be: date approved, apporved by, start date of validity, end date of validity.

I checked in the documentation and examples and realized that I can define a custom content type and configure properties and aspects for the content. The properties and aspects are automatically handled in the content creation wizard.

Is there a way to define the "components" of a structured content?

How this content (and its sub components) can be handled by the content management wizard in the web client?

I started trying to define a new model and a custom content type, but I realized that I need to extend cm:content in order for my content type to be handled by the web client. This way I cannot (can I?) define the structure for my custom content.

I am somewhat stuck…

Any pointers?

Thanks in advance.