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Adding content from external webapp

Question asked by andrepra on Jun 10, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2006 by sam69
I needed to add some content files in Alfresco from other web applications. To do that I implemented a web-app that uses web-services api to "upload" file in Alfresco. So, when i need to send a file to Alfresco from other applications i add a link that open the new web-app in a pop up window, i upload the file and the web-app send it to Alfresco throught webservices api.
I would ask if there is a way to do that using the extension of Alfresco web client. What I need is something like this: writing a jsp using the Alfresco component to create a form. In this form i need to collect data (input field) and the file (upload). Submiting the form all the data (file included) are setted in a bean where i can perform some operation with the Alfresco API (adding the content, writing metadata, ecc.).
Reading about JSF and I think this could be possible, but I'm not sure.
if yes, is there an example to follow?