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wiki vs alfresco - support for edit workflow??

Question asked by bhavin.t on Jun 12, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2006 by christianschuhegger

i want to allow all people to edit content in a particular space, but any changes made should be approved by the manager of that space before it is actually put live. how can i do that? here is the scenario described in greater detail -

* There is a space called "GeneralTrainingDocuments"

* Everyone in the company has "read" access to this space

* I want everyone in the company to also be able to open any document for "editing" (ideally direct inline editing like a wiki)

* I dont however want them committing the changes directly. Any changes they make should be sent for approval to the coordinator of that space

* the coordinator should be able to see the differences and then approve the same, after which the document would get replaced with the new version

* currently with alfresco the problems are as follows

- if i give EVERYONE "Editor" rights, they can directly edit a document and commit the changes without approval

- if i give everyone "ReadOnly" rights, they have to copy the file elsewhere, edit it, email it to the contributor, and ask him to upload it

- another way to do this would be to create another folder in that space where people can drop items after modification for contributor approval, however the experience is not the same as "editing a wiki page". a wiki page editing experience is seamless and therefore encourages more contribution as opposed to a flow where a user needs to copy paste the document into a separate area and then drop it back after editing. this process also results in lesser conflicts

is there any way to do this in alfresco?

- Bhavin