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Backup script?

Question asked by unknown-user on Jun 12, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2006 by davidc
Hello, i am willing to setup a cronjob to daily backup my alfresco repository.

I think it could be interesting to integrate this shell script with the default install, so that anyone can do the same easily.

It seems (after reading th backup page in the wiki) that just one mysql dump operation is needed, and then a simple file copy operation. All mysql binaries are included in alfresco distribution, so it should be easy.

What cammand line should do the job to :
* dump all of the alfresco database
* restore from that file to the database
(sorry, i am not very good at command line mysql operations :) )

The dir.root mentioned in the wiki is the /alf_data/ directory?

Thank you