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cluster with single database replicating only content store?

Question asked by cbouvier on Jun 13, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2007 by derek
I'm trying to setup a cluster of Alfresco servers, with replicating content stores. The two nodes of the cluster are each at one end of a slow network connection. The goal is to keep users on each side happy by transparently synchronising the content of each node.

I configured one node with a replicatingContent store, storing its content to a local fileContentStore as primary store, and to a NFS mounted fileContentStore as secondary store. It seems to  work well so far: content added on that node is pushed to the secondary contentstore.

I configured the other node exactly symmetrically: i.e., its primary content store is the secondary content store of the other node, and vice-versa. It connects to the same database.

However, I cannot login to the second node: it keeps on refusing my login/password. Does that mean that I really need to configure a cluster of  databases as well, and also a cluster of caches?