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Workflow, content and rights

Question asked by emmanuel on Jun 13, 2006

I hava a question: I created a new role "Writer" which allows users to create content in a folder where they have no rights to read, but the right to write some content. But there is a trouble with my second part!

I mean. A user creates a document, he sent it for approval, wih my new role it's possible. In the folder "Pending approval", he has no rights to read, but he can write. And if now, I try to add a new rule in order to had my approver the rights of copying the content to another folder. My first rule doesn't work anymore!!!!

someone has an idea?

P.S: if you don't really understand my problem, you have the explanation of my new role here Now it works, but if I had a new rule in the destination folder, it doesn't work at all!