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searching in structured data

Question asked by unknown-user on Jun 13, 2006
We are going the same direction as in structured data. With a small addition. We'd like/need to be able to search in the structured data based on xpath or even xquery at a moment we do not have a handle to a file/dossier yet, or even a set of files.

An example of what we want is an assesment of an insurance claim. There is structured data (where, when, who, how, what etc..), pictures, maybe insurance policy files (pdf) etc. We need to be able to search the structured data (e.g. find all cases that have a certain cause) but also have some kind of versioning on it. If someone changes the 'how', we need to have an audittrail and previous versions of the structured data (this is a requirement by the customer, since the documents will be signed eventually). The structured xml documents are small and the number of changes low. So we can store full copies and do not need to store diffs or something.

Thanks in advance,

Ronald van Kuijk

I assume that Alfresco does not support things like this at the moment. No problem, I just want to know if what we want is feasable, could someone point me in a direction where to look for implementing this (or even help implemeting this in a commercial wayt? One thing we think of is e.g. storing the structured data in an (xml) db (does alfresco support multiple repositories?)

Can someone either confirm this is feasable or send me back to… well, the brainstorm phase I think.