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Unable to login as Guest

Question asked by doblek on Jun 14, 2006
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2006 by dreddy
Hi all,

I am installing Alfresco (version: alfresco-src-1.2.0) over the following environment:
- WindowsXP
- Tomcat 5.5.x
- MySQL 5.0
- Java 1.5.0

In my first attempt, with a "fresh" copy of Tomcat, I didn't have any problem and I could log as Guest without trouble.

But now, I've reinstalled alfresco after deploying other web-apps over Tomcat, and I can't log as Guest. I'm redirected to "login.jsp" instead of the default page it should be displaying. In the alfresco log appears the following warning:
[size=75]16:18:15,658 WARN  [] Unable to login as Guest: Access Denied. You do not have the appropriate permissions to perform this operation.[/size]

And I can't log in as "admin/admin" default account either. It says:
[size=75]Unable to login - unknown username/password.[/size]

I've been reviewing some topics of this forum that seem to be related to my issue

As well as the "Repository Config" of the wiki:

But I'm not getting to much of it  :oops:

I don't have any classpath to inside the core-services-context.xml file. In fact, I don't have any file named Anyway, what it's supposed to be in that file, I think I have it defined in my

On the other hand, my extension folder is empty. There are no xml files nor xml.sample.

What am I supposed to do? Create those xml files in the extension folder?
Any help appreciated.  :)


PS: sorry for my bad English.