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Change space permission with the JavaScript API

Question asked by simon on Jun 15, 2006
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2006 by kevinr
Hi Alfresco,

Some weeks ago I requested to expose the permission settings in Freemarker: Kevin resolved this issue and this will be available in the 1.3 Enterprise release. Nice, great, perfect, thanks!

Now I would like to request the same feature for the JavaScript API. As far as I can see (and I may be overlooking some things here so correct me if I'm wrong) it's not possible to remove or add users and groups as space users with the JavaScript API.

I need to add groups dynamically, depending on their parent folder:
    * company1
      - subfolderA
Here for example I would like to add company1-grp (some group I defined with all the employees of this company) with a consumer role.

Secondly I would like to trigger this script when a new space (subfolderA in this case) is created, is this possible?

This would allow me to make some templates and let the coordinator of this customer space create subfolders on the fly. He would then select the template "meeting minutes" and all the read and write permissions of this template could be set correctly by the script. Some general permissions will be set in the template but the customer specific permissions need to be added at creation time.