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Running aspect actions authenticated as aspect creator

Question asked by ajshaw on Jun 16, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2006 by gavinc

Is the following possible, and if not, is it in the pipeline?:

I require an action to be run when content is added to a particular space, specifically the transormation of an image to 72 dpi and some resizing. The problem is that from what i can see, alfresco must transform the image and copy it to a space. The user must have permissions to access the new space. This is problematic because the user should not have access to the new space which contains the transformed images, in order to prevent the user from accidentally messing up the final images.

What would be ideal is if an rule set up on a space had the option of being executed while authenticated as either the current user, OR the user that created the rule.

Basically the rule/actions should be able to perform any processing required behind the scenes without the user nessecarily being able to do the same manually.

Thanks :)