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alresco rules flexibility limitation

Question asked by bhavin.t on Jun 17, 2006
hi all

i have been trying since a week to create simple process within alfresco such that :

- i can have a folder "Documents".

- I can give Everyone the ability to read this folder

- Everyone can also edit any document in this folder, but in that case the changes must be approved by the coordinator before they are published live. Until such changes are NOT APPROVED, the original unchanged version continues to show in the folder. If the changes are approved, the new version OVERWRITES the old version

Despite the flexibility of the rules engine there seems to be no way of doing this without giving more permissions to "Everyone" than i would want to.

the problem i realize here is that alfresco has no way where "EVERYONE" can see a live version of a document, and at the same time a "pendingapproval" version of a document can exist

there is also no custom permission to allow someone to "submit changes" to a document, however the changed version is kept separately for approval and does not overwrite the original version until the same is approved

is there any timeframe for any specific functionality that may allow this type of behaviour