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alfresco version control queries

Question asked by bhavin.t on Jun 18, 2006

i have been investigating alfresco as an option for our internal knowledge management. until now we are using a homegrown hack deployment of SVN with our own authentication mechanism and certain other modules built on top of it.

i have some quick questions -

* does alfresco store ascii/binary documents using some RCS/versioning type of file formats, as opposed to new copies of every document?

* the reason i ask this is that gives the following advantages -

- only diffs are stored so lesser storage space utilization
- diff merge revert and other such functionalities are easy (i dont know to what extent alfresco currently supports these functionalities)

* does alfresco currently support - programatically and thru its interfaces - ability to diff, merge and other such VCS type of functionality? where can i find details of the same?

* one of the more interesting things that we need is the ability to be able to extract for any given document, the amount of contribution that users within the company have made to that document. is there any way to do that in alfresco. If there was a programmattic way to obtain diff's between versions that would become easily possible.