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[SOLVED] Common configuration/customization questions

Question asked by graffiti on Jun 21, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2006 by lars
Hi all,

Please anwser these questions if you know the solution:

1. How to customize the Login page such that another locale/language <> English is choosen as the default one?

2. How to add custom links/buttons to the toolbar?

3. How to simplify the UI such that:

- No "Create" link if the current user doesnt have enough permission in the current space.

- No "Browse Spaces" list if there is no sub-space in the current space.

- No "Content items" list if there is no item in the current space.

4. How to redirect user to a specific space after successful logon ? I found a similar question at

5. How to sort content items in a space by "cm:modified" descending?