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Collaborator role

Question asked by simon on Jun 23, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2006 by simon
As seen in the 1.2RC2 release notes:
Added new "Collaborator" role. This role is just the combination of the "Editor" and "Contributor" roles.
and the permission node example in the WIKI:
<!– A contributor can create content and then they have full permission on what –>
        <!– they have created - via the permissions assigned to the owner.              –>

        <!– An editor can read and write to anything in a space; they can not create    –>
        <!– new nodes. They can check out content into a space to which they have       –>
        <!– create permission.                                                          –>

So a collaborator can create content and the have full permissions on this content. They can read and write to anything in a space, even if they didn't create. They can check out anything in a space.

A contributor can create new document nodes but no folders, an editor can not create any new nodes so a collaborator should be able to create document nodes but no folder nodes, exactly what I need.

I create a new space and added only one user, a collaborator, but he can create new folders… I don't think he should have these rights according to the explanation above. Is this still some bug?

A fast answer would be appreciated.