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Alfresco OpenDocument support

Question asked by marbux on Jun 24, 2006
A few suggestions to help make more people aware of Alfresco, relating to its support for OpenDocument:
  • Website pages and metadata. The fact that your product supports OpenDocument is not mentioned anywhere on the web site or in its page template metadata. That means that anyone who does an internet search using the term "opendocument" and other relevant descriptors such as "document management" would not easily learn about your product. Indeed, you might consider listing all file formats your product supports in its feature list on your web site.

  • Feature list. Your website contains no feature list that can be indexed by a search engine crawler. The Flash animated Feature Tour is not indexable by a search engine web crawler. If a site visitor is very observant, s/he can notice that one of the filetypes listed on some of the screens is ODT. However, it would be easy to miss, it is the only clue to OpenDocument support on the site, and as mentioned above, Flash animations can not be indexed by search engine web crawlers. None of the information in the Feature Tour will be located by a search engine query.

  • Wikipedia. Your product has a descriptive article on Wikipedia. However, because that article does not list supported file formats and link to and from appropriate articles about them, your product will not be identified in a Wikipedia search for software supporting any of the file formats your product supports. Your competitors list their software as supporting OpenDocument and link to their product pages from the following Wikipedia page, Shouldn't you?

  • OpenDocument Fellowship (existing site). The Wikipedia article links to the database of applications supporting OpenDocument maintained by the OpenDocument Fellowship. Note that each listed app has its own linked page detailing its support for OpenDocument. Your competitors are listed there and their products will be found by a properly designed web search query. Shouldn't your product be listed there too? To get assistance in adding it, subscribe to the general discussion list at

  • OpenDocument Fellowship (new site). The ODF are developing a new web site that will be brought online soon. It has a new supporting apps section here,  Shouldn't your product be listed there as well so it will show in web searches for OpenDocument supporting applications? Instructions for adding your product to that section are at the bottom of the linked page.
Note that the links created on other web sites to your own site and adding OpenDocument to your site's template's metadata will also drive up your page ranking in web search results.

If you want people to compare your product when choosing an application that supports OpenDocument, I respectfully suggest that you implement the above suggestions.

And yes, I am an OpenDocument Fellowship contributor.

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