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steps to setup alfresco 1.3 in eclispse

Question asked by srinivasan on Jun 30, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2006 by srinivasan
Hi Developers,

I have downloaded the file from alfresco website. I imported this project as tomcat project as alfrescodev (name of the project ) in my eclipse. I dropped all the dependent jar files in the build path. I am not getting any build issue. After i running my tomcat  it said, unable to intialize the context.

Could you please clarify one thing.

I need the step by step procedure to set the alfresco project in eclipse 3.1.

and I have few questions. Do i need to create as a java or tomcat project.

did i downloaded the right version of the alfresco source code ?

And i also i need the Subversion Repository Access (SVN) url to download the source code.
i found some url in the development page

Install Subversion and ensure that svn is on the path
Checkout the HEAD of the code stream: svn co   svn://
Keep up to date by issuing the command: svn update

i am not clear on this, please tell me the exact url to download or
steps to download from svn.
Please help me . Thanks in advance.