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Search Engine (lucene) problem with Greek intonated vowels

Question asked by aeon on Jun 30, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2007 by andy
Greetings friends,

There is a peculiar problem when using the Greek language pack and trying to use lowercase search strings that contain words with intonated vowels.

For example, the correct spelling for the "word" test in Greek is: "δοκιμή"

The last letter is a vowel that has a tone ("ή").

If someone attempts to search whatever in alfresco (item, space, etc) that contains intonated words, the result returns nothing even if such words do exist!! The problem is that *most* Greek words contain intonated vowels, which means that in *most* cases the search result will return nothing!

The affected letters (words that contain them do not appear in the search result) are the following: ά, ή, ό, έ, ί, ϊ, ΐ, ύ, ϋ, ΰ

Please let me know what can be done to amend this situation.

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