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[Problem] Only one document transformation per space (v1.3)

Question asked by hikenboots on Jul 1, 2006
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2006 by derek
I just loaded v1.3 from scratch and can only transform a document into another filetype once per space. Subsequent attempts appear to complete but the requested document doesn't appear in the space. Version 1.2 does not exhibit this limitation.

For instance:
1. Upload test.doc to Company Home - success
2. Transform test.doc to test.pdf in Company Home - success
3. Transform test.doc to test.txt in Company Home - no errors but unsucessful.
4. Create new space called TestSpace - successful
5. Transform test.doc in Company Home to test.pdf in TestSpace - success
6. Transform test.doc in Company Home to test.txt in TestSpace - no errors but unsucessful.

Anyone else experienceing this or have any ideas?