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Ensure values of a certain category only

Question asked by agericke on Jul 3, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2006 by agericke
Hi there,
I'm defining my own custom model (Alfresco 1.3.0). I have a property 'lang' which can take one of the following enumeration values: 'eng', 'ger', 'fre'. I set the property type to 'd:category'. The root category for the enumeration values would be something like 'language'. Since I'm also having other classifications (e.g. 'documentType') I would like to ensure that my 'lang' property only gets values of category 'language' assigned.

I customized the 'add content wizard' in the Alfresco Web Client in order to display a field 'Lang' on the 'Modify content Properties' page but then the user can assign any existing category value. Is there a way to ensure that my 'lang' property gets only values of category 'language' assigned? Or is there a workaround using a datatype other than 'd:category' for enumerations?

Thanx a lot,