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External URL link to space

Question asked by robfitzpatrick on Jul 5, 2006
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2006 by kevinr
   I'm trying to create a link from another web app to a space in Alfresco. However this is working erratically (it seems!). When I have not logged in to Alfresco and select the link it shows the users default space (after login) rather than the one specified in the link.
But if I shutdown the browser without logging out the next time I select the link it works fine!
Any ideas? I'm using version 1.1.2.

Sample link: http://localhost/alfresco/navigate/browse/workspace/SpacesStore/93a82af9-f7d4-11da-a4e3-43351c30be0d

BTW linking to an individual document works fine but I don't want to have to maintain a list of documents in the space.
Thanks in advance,