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afresco/application-context.xml ???

Question asked by jackpark on Jul 8, 2006
I just learnt the subject line is restricted length.

The question is this:

When, precisely, is alfresco/application-context.xml first initialized, that is, when are all of its beans made?

I can say this: at the bottom of the <listener> chain in web.xml, there is some reason to believe that it has not been called.

But, if you manually try to create a new ApplicationContext by creating a new ClassPathXmlApplicationContext against it, you get an error that says : Unable to store Job with name: 'ftsInde
xerJobDetail' and group: 'DEFAULT', because one already exists with this identification.

And, if you don't, and you later attempt to do the same thing on an extension bean you added (and which should have already been compiled), a required parent bean "dictionaryModelBootstrap", defined in core-services-context.xml, which is imported by application-context.xml, cannot be found.

This is being a difficult conundrum. You're damned if you try to manually fire up the spring beans, and damned if you don't , or, as my grandfather often said: you can't win for losin'.

Does this ring any bells?