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Bunch of Question in Alfresco table structure and query lang

Question asked by srinivasan on Jul 10, 2006
Hi Developers

I have created four documents in company home space. I just want to  query these document with the help of mysql query.

Can some one give the select query to query this document. or
how can i query this document. My document name is testdoc.html out of four documents.

I have some generel questions

1. I can see only 14 tables in the afresco database. Is these tables will enough for the alfresco content management system?

2. In which table the document information are located like document name, size, mimetype and so on…

3. where can i find the version id for each document.

Still i am not confident about the alfresco table structure. can some one provide the document which ease to under the table structure.