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Alfresco 1.3 on Debian: how to start it at boot time?

Question asked by pascalsartoretti on Jul 10, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2006 by gfrank

I have set-up Alfresco 1.3 on a Linux (Debian Sarge) machine, everything works fine except one thing: I can start Alfresco from the command-line (" start"), but I can't configure it to automatically start when the machine boots (using scripts in /etc/init.d): when accessing alfresco's home page from a browser, I get a log-in screen, but the standard account "admin/admin" is not accepted. In contrast, when Alfresco is started from the command-line, I directly go to the "guest" screen, from which I can then log in as "admin/admin".

Any idea of what prevents Alfresco to be started at boot time?

Thanks for any help


PS: I have also set JAVA_HOME explicitely in "".