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Alfresco as portlet application

Question asked by doblek on Jul 10, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2006 by sebastien.marin
Hi all,

I don't know where to post this message, so I apologize in advance if I post it in the wrong place.

I was wondering if there is any stand-alone release of Alfresco made with portlets. In other words, can I get a release of Alfresco as a portlet application (a war file with portlets that can be invoked from within the portal)?? I've seen that there is a release for [size=75]Tomcat+Liferay+Alfresco[/size], but my intention was to use Jetspeed instead of Liferay. Is this possible? Does anybody know?

My first thought was to use an "IFrame Portlet" pointing to Alfresco webapp… the simplest but most inefficient (and most inelegant) solution from my point of view. In spite of its simplicity, I think this solution needs from little Alfresco customization anyway since, for example, authentication relies on portal side…

I realized that it wasn't the best solution and so I thought Alfresco webapp could be turned into a portlet application. It could be nice indeed, but I think it requires a tremendous effort (even larger for just one person) and it would be difficult for me to get an acceptable result in a short time.

So, does anybody know where can I find this release of Alfresco (if exists)? Or how can I turn Alfresco into a portlet application easily??
Can I find some screenshots of Alfresco running over Liferay??

Any help appreciated.

Thanks in advance,