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Store data files in BLOBs?

Question asked by pascalsartoretti on Jul 11, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2008 by pmonks
As I understand, alfresco stores its information in two different places:

- the meta-data in a relational database.
- the data files themselves on the file system.

This is a fairly common solution used by various ECM/WCM packages, but it has a few operational drawbacks:

- a complete backup must include both the database and the file system.
- no transactional integrity; there is always a risk that the database and the file system are not in sync.
- administrators must both manage the disk space for the data files and the DB files.

The common solution to this is to store the data files as BLOBs directly in the database. There used to be a big performance penalty when doing this, but the overhead seems to become acceptable when considering the suppressed drawbacks. Our customers just love it.

So, any plan to support also a pure BLOB mode in a future version?

Thanks for any information, including good reasons not to use BLOBs :-)