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Creating a space template

Question asked by srinivasan on Jul 11, 2006
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2006 by andy
Hi Developers,

I am trying to create custom space template which is similar to software_engineering_project.xml. In my xml i have more than 20 folders  spaces configuration with different level in my custom xml file.

For this,
1. I have created a xml file which is similar(not the same space name ) to software_engineering_project.xml

2. dropped this xml file in the <project>/repository/config/alfresco/templates

3. I included the my xml template file in bootstrap_context.xml

                    <prop key="path">/${spaces.company_home.childname}/${spaces.dictionary.childname}/${spaces.templates.childname}</prop>
                    <prop key="location">alfresco/templates/mytemplate.xml</prop>
                    <prop key="messages">alfresco/messages/bootstrap-templates</prop>

i created the build successfully,

I dont know how to continue this customization, because i think our customization all should comes under 'extension' folder. if it is so, then i can drop my custom view template file,then what about the bootstrap_context.xml

i am struggling to complete this customization, i need some one help..

I planned to test or customize the space wizard by adding one more folder/space configuration in software_engineering_project.xml. for that i have followed the following steps to see the output

1. I run the alfresco server and login as admin,
2  In the create menu i have choosed the 'Advanced Space Wizard',
3  In this wizard i choosed the 'Using Template' radio button
4 In the select template dropdown i can see only the  'Software Engineering Project'. so i selected
4. finally, i completed the wizard successfully.
5. After the space creation, the additionally included folder space is not created.

I dont know why it is?

Can any body help me.