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set users for space and its sub spaces via Manage Space User

Question asked by srinivasan on Jul 13, 2006
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2006 by andy
Hi Alfresco,

I have created a template like the one given below, for this i logged as admin.
                             |_ A
                                |__ A1
                             |_ B
                                |__ B1
                                |__ B2
                             |_ C
                                 |__ C1
                                 |__ C2

Assume that A,B and C are different level of documents and each level of documents can by accessed by group of users for example

Document(space) A and its sub document (sub spaces) should be accessed by User1,2 and 3. Similarly Space B and space C and it sub spaces are accessed by user4,5 and 6 for (SPACE B) and user7,8 and 9 for (SPACE C).

My question is, I logged as admin and in the 'Manage User Space' action, at present i can set user for SPACE A only but i am not able to set for its sub spaces A1 and A2.

After setting the space A, I logged in as user1 and i get into the space A and space A is emply and i am not able to see the space A1 and A2

So what is the correct configuration to get subspaces also.?

or it is not possible to apply in 1.3 ? if no, please say the steps to configure.