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cm:content Property upload interface

Question asked by sirdodger on Jul 14, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2006 by alexeyg

I have a custom model, and that model has two cm:content properties.  (One is called "original" and one is called "derived".)

    <property name="my:original" multiple="true">

    <property name="my:derived" multiple="true">

When I add fields to the UI using:

    <show-property name="my:original" show-in-edit-mode="true" />
    <show-property name="my:derived" show-in-edit-mode="true" />

It displays a text box, presumably looking for a URI.  How can I hook into the normal content upload box to upload to the repository, and then reference that file?  Is there an appropriate serial-file-upload wizard which I can use to upload multiple files into each?