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Path query issue

Question asked by santosh on Jul 17, 2006
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2006 by andy

I am using path query to get the nodes.
I am creatinf nested folders like

i.e folder1 conatins folder2 and folder2 constains document1

The query I am using is

This query works fine and I get the content node for document1

I change the name of folder1 to changedfolder using following code
namedValues = new NamedValue[] {new NamedValue(Constants.PROP_NAME, newName)};
CMLUpdate update = new CMLUpdate(namedValues, getPredicate(new String[] {folderId}), null);
CML cml = new CML();
cml.setUpdate(new CMLUpdate[]{update});

Now the name of the node is changed properly.
If I try to acces the nodes using their node id it works fine.
But if I use the same query with the modified name it fails


Is there some other way to change the name of the node?
If this is the proper way to change the node name then querying the node doesn't work properly.


Santosh Prabhu