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import samba group from ldap

Question asked by lme on Jul 18, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2006 by andy

I'm currently trying to import samba group from ldap. People synchronisation and authentication against ldap are ok. My problem is that groups are exported but they are empty.

Samba stores members of a group in the repeating "memberUid" attribute. But these attributes don't hold DN of peoples, only the username.

The bean I use to import groups :

    <bean id="ldapGroupExportSource" class="">
        <property name="groupQuery">

        <property name="searchBase">

        <property name="userIdAttributeName">

        <property name="groupIdAttributeName">

        <property name="groupType">

        <property name="personType">
        <property name="LDAPInitialDirContextFactory">
            <ref bean="ldapInitialDirContextFactory"/>
        <property name="namespaceService">
            <ref bean="namespaceService"/>

        <property name="memberAttribute">

        <property name="authorityDAO">
            <ref bean="authorityDAO"/>

How could I modify this bean to correctly import groups ?