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Wierd behaviour or is it me?

Question asked by hm on Jul 19, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2007 by andy
I have tried to undersntand what could be cuasing this problem but it just beats me. Maybe I am missing the obvious. Let me try to explain:

Alfresco 1.3
NTLM Authentication agains Windows AD
User/Group Export Setup

1. Created a space called 'DeptSpace'
2. Mange Users for 'DeptSpace' by Inviting 2 users who exists in the AD and the surrogate account in Alfresco with Coordinator Rights
3. User 1 can successfully log in and access 'DeptSpace'
4. User 2 who has identical permissions can log in but does not see 'DeptSpace'
5. Pull Hair trying to figure out whats going on for ~8 hours :(
6. Create a Group called 'DeptGroup' in Alfresco and add User 2 who is having probelms described in Step 4 above.
7. Mange Users for 'DeptSpace' by removing User 2 and Inviting 'DeptGroup' instead
8. User 2 logs in and magically they now see the 'DeptSpace' and have coordinator privileges

Please help me understand how this is possible?