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Email rss notifications + chrons

Question asked by soeursourire on Jul 20, 2006

I have two question about programmation within Alfresco

- I would like to notify people that they have something to do in
Alfresco by email and rss. Please what are my possibilities to program
that with Alfresco, what should I use ? gmail? and for rss? Is there acode already in Alfresco doing that?

- My second question is to know if you are using some "chrons" in
Alfresco? For example, you are creating a person in Alfresco and you precise that this person will be created the 12th of August and will be removed the
12th of August 2007. Are you able to do that in Alfresco? What should I
use to program that in Alfresco?

Thanks in advance for your help