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counter column, group in view mode, default guest language

Question asked by vpoorboy on Jul 21, 2006
- Can I add a counter column in my view mode ?Which class or file I must overide/modify ?
- I see that I can add the creator column, but how about her/his group ? how can I get this in browse.jsp ?
- I turn on Guest auto login, but I dont know how to make Alfresco load my language (vi_VN) automatically after auto-logining Alfresco. I've modified but still no luck.
public SelectItem[] getLanguages()

if (count == 0 && this.language == null)
            // first try to get the language that the current user is using
            Locale lastLocale = Application.getLanguage(FacesContext.getCurrentInstance());
            if (lastLocale != null)
               this.language = lastLocale.toString();
            // else we default to the first item in the list
               this.language = locale;
            this.language = "vi_VN";

Pls help !