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html controls for content properties

Question asked by timv on Jul 24, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2006 by alexeyg

1) As I can see, the following html form elements can be used for the datatypes:
- 1 text input line for d:text
- combobox for d:text using constraints
- date input fields for d:date and d:datetime
- the association control for associations

Now, is there e.g. an easy way (preferably only by configuration, without developing) to have an input box for text that has multiple lines?

Also, if I would like to have an html editor control for a certain datatype for example d:text, how would I configure this?

2) Another thing, is it possible to have a "create content"-wizard that skips the page for content type (html or plain text) and just goes to the content properties page. I only want to use the content properties.

The reason for these questions is that I have been using Fatwire Spark before and want to keep the same functionality of content classes as I like it a lot. I'm switching to Alfresco because I don't like all the interface, quality and less extensibility of the Fatwire products.

I see that Alfresco is very powerfull but you need to know how to configure it.