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Notify document's author of approval?

Question asked by nullman on Jul 24, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2007 by darko.narandzic
Hi all,

I am curious if this is possible with Alfresco:

A user has a PO Req (spreadsheet) they wish to have approved.

They drop it into /Operations/PO Reqs. An email notification is sent to the Operations Manager to let them know a document has been placed here for their review. (I understand how to do this.)

The Operations Manager approves the pending PO Req at which time it is moved to /Purchasing/Approved PO Reqs. An email notification is sent to the Purchasing Manager to let them know an approved PO Req has been placed here. (I understand how to do this.)

At this point I'd like to notify the document's author that their PO Req has been approved and is waiting to be purchased. I don't see any aspect for notifying the document's author. I don't want to email the whole company (or even a predefined list of users) when a PO Req is moved to the /Purchasing/Approved PO Reqs space, only the PO Req's author and Purchasing Manager.

Does that make sense? Would something like this require a custom Aspect? Is there a better way of doing something like this? I'd imagine there are other applications that could use this type of workflow feature, like Vacation Requests, etc.