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archive element in content model

Question asked by dbevacqua on Jul 24, 2006
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2006 by davidc

Creating a content model at the moment to do some performance tests  - seems to compare favourably with Jackrabbit. (As an aside, the basic test is creating nodes with properties referencing already highly referenced nodes, something Jackrabbit does not handle well - IMHO a serious shortcoming).

Looking in contentModel.xml  at the definition of cm:content I see an element called "archive":

      <type name="cm:content">


Can't seem to find anything about it, either in Wiki/Fora or in the xml schema. What is it for? Is it anything to do with versioning?

I ask because with versioning turned off in Jackrabbit, the performance seems better than Alfresco for smaller numbers of nodes (but Jackrabbit does not seem to scale at all well).