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Customizing Advanced Search screen, how to?

Question asked by manmeet on Jul 27, 2006
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2006 by gavinc

I want to make the advanced search option more customised.
I was able toa dd my custom properties to the additional options aread on the search screen.

But what I am looking for here is sumthing as explained below.

The advanced serach page has the below sections:
1. Look for
2. Show me results for
3. Look in location
4. Show me results in the categories

5. More search options
     –Additional options

Now I want to get rid of the sections marked in red above.

Also want to merge More search options and Additional options into one generic Search Options.

Please let me know to go about this. I realise its sumthing to do with the advanced-search.jsp, but are there any configuartion files that need to be modified?

Please provide steps to achieve this.

And help in this regard shall be appreciated.

Thanks, Manmeet