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I tried to installed, but desapointed ...

Question asked by joey007 on Jul 28, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2007 by robbiefpi
OS: Windows XP

I downloaded the latest version of the bundle Alfresco-tomcat, unzipped it on to root of my C drive, run db_setup.bat and then 'alfresco.bat start'
Tomcat starts, pick-up the web archive and all seems OK.
Next I try to access alfresco from my IE browser, see the login page, enter admin/admin   but the password is not accepted (according to other posts, it should work off the shelf)
I also tried the Shared drive <my_machine>_A: It exists, but same problem, I am not let in!!!!
I am getting very frustrated.
I read plenty of entries on the forum & alfresco website, I looked into the logs of tomcat & alfresco.log - no error message …

Can anybody help?