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Question asked by calisurf on Jul 28, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2006 by kevinr
I am working on testing the latest version of Alfresco and the feedback I am getting from my users centers around interface. (Just a note we use 37Signals Basecamp as a web-based project management tool so users are adept at working with web tools and many use this as a baseline when judging Alfresco UI) Some of these are personal preferences but I will throw them out there….


1. Many users confused at first by Company Home, My Home links. They do not look distinct and the explanation of each space is not visually connected to the link. (ie My Home: This view allows you to browse the items in your space) Typical solution was too create tabs at the top of the page that clearly differentiate the two spaces and have definitions of space directly below the tab. (reference Basecamp, Spoxel, or Yahoo for good examples of tabs)

2. Inability to customize space. User would like to be able to place Clipboard, Recent Spaces, Shortcuts on right side of page or hide. In my opinion the web interface could be greatly enhanced to allow for customization via some kind of per user preference?

3. When in "Details View" mode, having to click through folders to discover contents instead of ability to expand folders sub structure by clicking on triangle as you can in Windows  or MacOS file systems and revealing all file/folders in main folders sub structure.  (Spoxel is a good example of what folder structures should look like because users understand this paradigm.)