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Error installing alfresco-1.3.0-windows-community.exe

Question asked by rymd80 on Jul 29, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2006 by bitrock
I'm running Windows XP Professional with mySql 4.1

When I run the installer I get to the screen that asks for the port number.  The default is 3306, which is the default mySql port.  When I click next I get an error saying "Unable to bind to given port number. Pick another".

I can access mySql via a database tool as well as the mySql administrator.  I put in my mySql root password in the install to see if was related to the root user, but that didn't help.

Also, before installing I deleted a previous alfresco database and alfresco user.

Any idea's?  I looked through the install posts and didn't see anything like this.