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How to manage a custom content type

Question asked by manuelgentile on Jul 30, 2006
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2006 by manuelgentile
I want to use Alfresco to store, create, edit, search etc etc a specific content type.
I need help to undestand the right way, to do that.
In particular…
I have a specific xml schema …..
1) so to store this kind of xml data i have to define a custom model
2) the i have to create some java beans to allow the editing of this kind of xml data through jsf pages
I try use Jaxb to create java beans from xml schema…and this work fine….

now i have some confusion about the right way to solve this kind of problem…

Moreovoer, I read a lot about future Alfresco Xforms features….

thanks for any suggestion!!!!!