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Problems with Mac OS X client accessing CIFS share

Question asked by bpsommerville on Aug 1, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2008 by gary.spencer

I've been evaluating Alfresco & am very impressed.  However I have one issue that I have been unable to solve.

Our environment has has linux servers & a mix of mac and windows clients. Alfresco is installed on a linux server (using the jboss bundle) & configured with ftp/webdav/CIFS access.

The Mac clients are able to connect & read from the CIFS share but get an error when copying files & folders onto the share.  The error only seems to occur when you copy a folder onto the CIFS drive using the Finder application.  When I do this the folder gets created in Alfresco but then Finder stops the copy complaining that the folder already exists.  None of the contents of the folder are copied.

There are no errors output by Alfresco at any point. 

I can access the CIFS share from the windows clients without any problems (read, copy, delete, etc all working).  I can also access individual files from the mac (read & write & create) & copy folders using the mac terminal window.

Has anyone else see this behaviour?

I did a tcpdump on the server to check the traffic & found one difference between Mac & windows.  When doing a folder copy via Finder the mac sends an SMB lock request, which is granted by the server.  Then I think it creats the folder & sends the content.  Then the mac sends an unlock request which fails.  The error code (DOS_ERROR 0x9e I think) seemed to indicate that the server fails the unlock because it thinks that no lock exists. This was the only error that I spotted in the SMB traffic so I suspect that it is the cause somehow.

Could this be a bug in Alfresco or is the Mac at fault?

Ben Sommerville