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Rule engine (JBoss Rules/Drools) integration.

Question asked by pawelu on Aug 2, 2006
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2008 by gilles
Hi gurus, I would like to ask the following quesion. What do You think of integrating JBoss Rules (former Drools) rule engine for rules management. I am thinking of creating DSL (JBoss Rules - Domain Specific Language) for Alfresco. DSL could be  some form of mapping between/amongs Alfresco types and aspects. We could get IDE integration (JBoss has such an IDE) maybe some kind of web based rule editor (decision tables could be done this way) and so on and so on. I would like to also focus your attension to rdf (for example Sesame or maybe Jena) for metadata storage…. They both work on a database, have a query language. But the latter case is just a quick and spontanous idea. :)  Please share your thoughts…