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content not removed from file system/filename mismatch

Question asked by heiko.robert on Aug 3, 2006
scenario to reproduce:
1. create/copy new doc into alfresco
2. found new file in alf_data/contentstore/2006/8/3/15/37
    strange: filename does not match the node reference in file properties:
   filename: 45a6e91f-22f5-11db-ba8a-2bb43b7ad0d8.bin
3. delete file
    file ist still in contentstore/2006/8/3/15/37
    no new entry is creatd in contentstore.deleted
4. Go to 'Manage Deleted Items' and permanently remove the file
    file ist still in contentstore/2006/8/3/15/37
    contentstore.deleted is still untouched

Version Alfresco 1.3.1E/tomcat/SLES9

Any hints?