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Infinite Login loop on 'Download Content' link - J

Question asked by jfrench on Aug 7, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2006 by jfrench
* I log into JBoss Portal (2.2.1RC3) and navigate to the Alfresco portlet
* I log into the Alfresco portlet as any user (including the "admin" user). When I say "any" user, I mean that the following behavior is the same no matter which user I log in as.
* I have the "Alfresco-Tutorial.pdf" in the "Company Home > Guest Home" space.
* I have a guest user in Alfresco.
* When I click on the "View details" icon to go to the "Details page" and then click "Download content", another window pops up and displays the Alfresco login.

Point #1 - this seems suspicious because I am already logged into Alfresco - why should it ask me for another login?

* After entering a correct username/password combination and clicking "Login", I am immediatedly returned to the Login page. I can enter as many successful username/password combinations as I want, but I will get no further than the login page and will never see the pdf document.

Point #2 - Obviously something is wrong here. Why can't I get past the login screen?

Point #3 - Alfresco is apparently correctly authenticating my username/passwords because entering incorrect credentials produces the login screen again with the error:  "Unable to login - unknown username/password." under the Login button.

Point #4 - appending "?guest=true" to the end of the "Download content" url and pasting it into my browser does nothing to change the behavior.

Point #5 - Evidently this is a JBossPortal issue because the following makes the problem go away:

* Restart JBoss so that all user sessions are killed.
* Login directly to alfresco web application without first logging in to JBossPortal.
* Now an attempt to view any document via the "Download content" link works just fine.
* Interestingly enough, logging into to JBossPortal at this stage will return to the Alfresco login behavior detailed above.

Point #6 - I've looked at the Alfresco JIRA issues and not found any particular issue that sounds similar although kevinr alludes to JBoss Portal authentication problems on this post:

Alfresco 1.2.1
JBoss 4.0.3RC1 (note tomcat single sign on enabled)
JBossPortal 2.2.1